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Relying On Credit To Cater For Your Pets

by Dotcom Doctor | 9:48 AM in |

Most of the animal-lovers reading this article will not be eccentric millionaires.  If you happen to be one, taking care of your beloved pets should be relatively straight-forward.  Even with the legal system not looking favorably upon owners bequeathing huge sums to their pets, it is possible to ensure they receive a small fortune to guarantee them a charmed life.  Leona Helmsley's pooch Trouble is currently living off a $2 million inheritance - despite a judge cutting $10 million out of his proposed nest-egg.  And Oprah's pets should have an approximate $30 million nest-egg coming their way.  But what can us regular folk do to make sure we can provide the best financial care for our four-legged friends?

It goes without saying that the best way to provide financial security for your pets is to maintain financial security throughout the rest of your life. Keeping a steady income is the easiest to way they will be well-fed, warm and securely looked-after.  Just as important, however, is the need to keep up a good credit score - while you may be able to take care of your pets now, any emergency could end up jeopardizing their well-being.

When it comes to your everyday financial situation, there are many companies who specifically cater to the concerns of the animal-lover.  In Ireland, MBNA offers a range of credit card deals that automatically provide tax-free donations to supportive organisations whenever you make a purchase.

In America, the Care Credit card goes one step further in assuring your pets will always be in safe hands.  Only meant to be used for your health-care needs, this card offers a no interest options as long as you are able to make a minimum montly payment.  While this card is not accepted nationwide, it can offer an additional helping hand (or helping paw!) should you need a lifeline.

Of course, all the money in the world is no substitute for true affection and attending to your pet's needs on a one-on-basis.  Your love will do more for them than a gold-encrusted feed-bowl ever could.


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